Monday, May 01, 2006

My Daddy Workz Here

They call themselves the Hand Washing Committee. A shadowy, secret society who put up informational signs in the restroom warning of the dire circumstances that shall befall us should we not strictly adhere to their commands. They demand that building maintence refill the soap dispensers so that "their rules can be followed". They attempt to have people fired for not washing their hands, citing non-existent health codes.

Their latest campaign involves a new sign on the exterior door to the men's restroom that says, "WASH YOUR HANDS, MY DADDY WORKS HERE", replicating the PennDOT signs that warn people to slow down through construction zones.

I find a certain irony in using the juvenile backward "S" font. Firstly, I have never know an actual juvenile who ever actually wrote the S backwards. Second, this so-called Hand Washing Committee is behaving in a childish way I though had been left behind in elementary school. Is crying to your boss and getting his boss to call my boss's, boss's boss to chide me for not washing my hands the sort of behavior one would expect from professionals? Don't you have something important to do like, say, YOUR JOB? If you're so obsessed about it that you try to get me fired, you really need to seek help.

REAL professional help.

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