Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Career Pathing.

I got a call from a Financial Services Group employee who had gotten his workstation password locked. They are on a different subnet from us at the Help Desk and they don't user the same standard for Administrator passwords so I would be unable to help him and would have to open a ticket for Local Deskside support to solve his issue.

He pitched a fit. He just couldn't accept that I couldn't solve his problem, even after explaining it. I kept offering to open a ticket to have someone at second level solve his problem but he kept demanding that I solve it over the phone. I kept saying that I didn't have the power to do that and he eventually hung up.

Some 10 minutes later, I got an IM from the Site Manager, "Can I talk with you for a few minutes in my office. Very important."


As I walked over to the office, the Site Manager was outside and I was tempted to say, "Is this about that Financial Services Asshat?" No, I wouldn't say that, but I was actually tempted to ask if this was about the call I had taken.

He sits me down and offers me a new job.

Some months ago, The Corporation landed a sizable Help Desk contract with another major Pittsburgh company. Several Help Desk people had been trying to get over to that employer but when I heard that The Corporation was taking over operations, I lost interest. Why would I want to drive further across the city to work for the same company that has been screwing me for years.

More money.

Here at The Bank, the Site Manager admitted that he can't do anything about increasing salaries but, given the opportunity, he would recommend me to go to the new site where the salary would be more.

How much more? Don't know yet. I'm going to have to do some math to determine how much more gas money I'm going to have to spend to get over there. Unlike working downtown, I won't be able to drive half way and bike the rest.

I still have no loyalty to The Corporation so if something even better comes along I will be out of there faster than my shadow but a raise in salary is a raise in salary. And the new environment could be a help.

It feels like it's a done deal, based on what the Site Manager said, but I'm not feeling enthusiastic about it.

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