Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's payback time.

Got an e-mail today from the Operations Manager that everyone at the Help Desk was going to have the City of Pittsburgh Emergency and Municipal Services tax taken out of their next paycheck.

If you recall, it was well over a year ago that I first alerted Corporate HR that since I started in 1999, the Occupation Tax (and now the EMST) had never been withheld from my paycheck. After a year of them not doing anything about it, I reminded them and then called the City Auditor to turn them in. They finally deducted the tax that they were legally obligated to have been witholding all this time.

Since it took this long for them to take any sort of action with the taxes for everyone else at the Help Desk I suspect that they wouldn't have done anything at all until the City auditors caught up with them. Of course, the e-mail doesn't address why this was never done before. It's worded as if the change from the Occupation Tax to the EMST was something that happened recently even though it went into effect January 1st, 2005.

A small piece of justice. I hope they had some sort of fine or threat of legal action.

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