Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Doctor is In

My cubicle is my own little gulag. I am isolated and away from everyone else at the Helpdesk. Well, not completely isolated. We have a IM-like application that allows analysts to communicate with one another. Managers use it to remind us that there is a queue and we need to limit out talk times. Analysts will use it to alert the rest of the Helpdesk when there is a wide-spread issue so that others don't duplicate troubleshooting issues.

With the large influx of analysts recently, we suddenly have a lot of analysts who do not have all the accesses that they need. Specifically the application and access that allows us to change Lotus Notes passwords. So, the IM application is used by those analysts without the access to ask those with the access to change a password for them.

So, here I am behind my high wall getting requests from analysts out on the floor to change a password for them. But should I walk away from my desk to go to the rest room or to lunch, no one sees me go. And the requests keep coming in. Eventually, the analyst may ask someone else or come over to my desk looking for me only to find my cubicle empty. I'd come back from lunch to find a stack of password requests.

I figured I would put up some sort of sign so that people knew if I was in or not. I had a little bendy figure, some scissors and some tape and so I made a sign to stand on the top of my cube wall so that people will know.

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