Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Total Appreciation = $20.61

The Operations Manager sent out this message:

Hello Team -

In continuation of "Employee Appreciation Week", we have a CAKE for your enjoyment. Please feel free to stop over to get a piece. (It is located next to my cube.)

Again, thank you for all your "Hard Work" and "Dedication".

Why is "Hard Work" and "Dedication" in quotes? Is it the ironic or snarky usage of quotes meant to imply that we are not working hard or are not dedicated? And while that may or may not be true, it's not particularly professional for Help Desk Management to state it this way. It makes me think that they really don't "appreciate" what we do. But, in all honesty, I just think that the Operations Manager is clueless when it comes to corporate communications.

In response, an analyst commented:

"Now, Milton, pass the plates around so everyone gets a piece, ok?. . . JUST DO IT!"

Referencing the scene in "Office Space" when the long oppressed Milton passes cake around to all his coworkers to find that the pieces have run out when it's turn for his piece. There is certainly irony in this as yesterday those who weren't first in line to get "Employee Appreciation Sandwiches" were left out. There was plenty of bread and salad, bowls of condiments and a gallon of salad dressing but not enough meat and cheese.

I sure those hungry employees felt "appreciated".


Dan said...

Please remove the hotlink to my website for the image of Milton. Your stealing my bandwidth.
If you are unaware of what it is you are doing contact me and I can help you fix it.

Der Geis said...

Wow, Dan. I find it hard to imagine that the 3 or 4 people that visit my blog have any effect on your bandwidth. So, I've searched the web for and exact copy of the picture that you have on your site (you may have copied it from the same place I did) and am now hosting the content here on Blogger.

People engaged in copyright infringement probably shouldn't complain about people using their bandwidth.

Dan said...

Sorry if I seemed a little harsh but I have had problems with hotlinking in the past that did impact my bandwidth usage. I had no way of knowing what your traffic was like only that the link exsisted.
Thank you for correcting it.