Tuesday, November 13, 2007


There are times that I react to things without realizing what they are. As when Team Lead D and half a dozen of hos co-conspirators were fired and I, hidden behind my cubicle walls, could sense that something was going on outside my sight. I had a similar response today. I don't know if users were particularly stupid or if I simply had a harder time moderating my response, but I was in a bad mood all day and I didn't know why. Only at the end of the day did I realize what was really going on.

While I was droning away in my cubicle hell, the elves came out while I wasn't looking and set up Christmas in the lobby.

I suppose Thanksgiving isn't even a holiday anymore as we've skipped right from Halloween to Christmas. Even in the stores, they seem to have given up on Thanksgiving altogether.

41 days, 5 hours, 40 minutes.


April said...

don't worry, i'm trying to house sit on christmas, so i have a reason to leave early from our family. sorry i can't take you with me.

Mikey said...

On the day after Memorial Day, our local mall had some xmas trees already setup and our Wal-Mart was busting out the Bing Crosby tunes that same day as well.

i'm already Holiday Fatigued and it's not even in full swing yet!

Der Geis said...

On the first day of July
I went out to the store
Looking for summer clothes
'cause I needed some more

And to my great surprise
also to my dismay
I saw signs everywhere
warning of Christmas Day.

Oh, no. Oh, no.
Oh, no. Oh, no.
It can't be Christmas yet,
Say it's not so.

But the summer things were gone
All were packed in their place,
And the styrofoam snowballs
were hung in their place


I wish I remembered the rest of the lyrics. It was in a magazine back when I was in elementary school and the concept was so disturbing I still remember it 30 years later.

And, lo. My worst horrors have been realized.