Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Thanks, now get out.

The Help Desk's current Site Manager is apparently getting screwed again. Years ago, N*** was a Team Lead. In fact, he was my Team Lead. He left for two years to essentially create a Help Desk from scratch. When that
contract was over he came back to Pittsburgh, only to find there was no job waiting for him. When another Analyst here at the Help Desk left, the Corporate Overlords changed their minds and hired N*** back.

Except that he was hired back not as a Team Lead with Team Lead pay but as a part time Analyst, with part time pay and lack of benefits.

Great, huh?

When our Site Manager left for greener pastures, they offered the Site Manager position to N***.

Great, huh? Except that it was only a temporary position until the
Corporate Overlords found a permanent replacement. I've seen the ad online. They were offering over $100,000 a year to fill the position. And today I learn through the grape vine that when N*** is replaced, there won't be anything else for him. He won't be made a Team Lead. He won't even be a lowly Analyst like the rest of us. He'll be out on the street.

Great, huh?

Meanwhile, his replacement will be easily making twice what N*** was making doing the same job.

I'll say this, if N*** gets out in the world with a Help Desk Site Manager job, I would drop this place to go work with him in a minute. Literally. If I got the offer, I would clear out my desk immediately and be gone.

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