Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pay Day Delay

Some three years ago, our Corporate Overlords called us in to a Help Desk meeting to give us a relatively rosy update about how the company was doing. I distinctly recall a char showing where The Company rated in relation to all our competators. It was a comfortable place to be. A week later, we learned that we we loosing our 401k matching and, shortly after that, our bonuses.

So, last week when we received a press release anouncing that The Company had landed a $150 Million contract with a major client, I could see the storm clouds. While everyone else was seeing it as a healthy thing and hoped we might start getting raises again, I remained skeptical.

Today, the other shoe dropped. The Company is going to a bi-weekly pay schedule instead of the current weekly pay and they were also going to discontinue mailing paper copies of our advice statements.

Clearly, even our new Coroporate Overlords are squeezing the stone in an effort to "maximize efficiency".

The Bank, the Help Desk's client, is also likely to be engaging in some streamlining with an expected 3,000 "displacements" on the horizon.

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