Thursday, August 19, 2004

Blast from the Past

Two years ago, my team lead N*** left the Help Desk to go to Cincinnati to be the site manager for a new helpdesk. He built the group from scratch and apparently did a very good job.

Well, they wanted him to move out there but he wasn't ready to uproot his family. Nor was he really liking the two hour commute. So, when the project was over, he was looking for something else.

So, he called to see if he could have his old job back. "Oh, no, no, no", they said, "We can't hire you back." That is, until six months later when a few employees here at the Help Desk missed work one time too many and got fired. The Help Desk needed a warm body to fill a seat so N*** got a callback.

He had been a team lead but, in returning, he was going to just be a wage slave analyst like the rest of us. Part time. No benefits.

When I started, N*** trained me. Now, in a surreal turn of fate, I am training him.

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