Friday, August 04, 2006

Crossing a petroleum threshold

Today was the first time that I had to purchase gasoline for over the dreaded $3 a gallon. Three-quarters of a tank cost me $30.

Now, I'd like to gloat that by riding my bike I'm saving a couple of bucks a week. At least, that's what The Gas Saving Calculator suggests. But I still do a significant amount of other driving and until my daughter owns a car of my own she still drives it from time to time. It doesn't take long for that to absorb any financial savings I might accrue from biking. But I get much more benefit than just the money. The exercise helps to counter the detrimental effects of my sedentary workplace and metatarian diet. When I don't ride, I notice it physically.

I'd like to ride further for my commute but doing that would require riding more on the roads and, in Pittsburgh, that isn't much fun. If the trail groups could come to an agreement with Sandcastle, using the South Side Trail into Homestead could safely add 50% to my daily commute.

Is it weird to think favorably about making one's commute LONGER? Not if your riding a bicycle.

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